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Combat Contractor Marketing & Business Consulting

We work with contractors who want to grow their business and become wealthy. We also work with contractors who are struggling to earn net profits above industry with high double-digit margins. We help contractors who are looking for a marketing company that measures success by increased sales. You will no longer be burdened with making sure you have enough work for your service people. We are there to keep the pipeline of estimates coming in and to grow the numbers of installations needed without any hidden fees. We are dedicated to helping contractors thrive and grow, and we offer training and coaching to help with every aspect of running a business. With an MBA and as a contractor for over 28 years, I have the experience to offer you a program to fit your schedule and your goals. Learn the difference Most contractors who hire marketing companies are not aware that most marketing campaigns work to drive traffic and clicks so that your provided reports look good and show that the marketing company is doing their job. Almost every marketing company will compromise the end goal to offer a lower price to get jobs from contractors. Not us! It is critical to ensure that your marketing performance is measured by your sales. Actually, it is not important how many visitors, clicks, or traffic comes to your website. When that becomes your measurement of performance, you will spend a lot of money and will not get many calls, leads, or work to justify all of the money you are spending. Your measurement We measure, as stated, your marketing performance by your sales. We specialize in multi-channel marketing that uses all different methods to get the highest return on your investment. We also use a combination of indirect and direct communication channels, including pertinent websites, social media sites, e-mails, reputation building, on-page SEO, Digital Ads, and others. Get Certainty To ensure that contractors make the best decisions possible, we only work with the most experienced contractors, measure performance by your sales, use many types of marketing options to get your company to grow with certainty, and guarantee results in contractor marketing. Our Guarantee–we will use our limitless knowledge and many resources to grow your sales at least ten times the amount you invest in your marketing bundles with Combat Contractor Marketing! Hire with Confidence; If you select any of our marketing bundles and your sales do not increase by ten, we will keep marketing your company for FREE until your sales reach ten times your investment. Your success starts with a phone call. Take the next step, and contact us immediately.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

General Contractors

How do successful contractors build wealth? We have the answers to not only help you create a more profitable business but to make yours the BEST in the markets. Our expert, contractor marketing services, will help you with many different types of marketing strategies, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, all social media sites, Adwords, emails, company referrals, and reputation management. Our exclusive patented and proprietary formulas get you top of search results when visitors search for the services you provide or general contractors in your service area. If you are a local general contractor, we can help you get leads and find work on residential, commercial, and other local building projects. Our business experts who have earned MBA degrees in business and contracting can provide business consulting or contractor coaching to advise on how to increase your profits. Your success starts here; contact us today.
Learn more about our General Contractor Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at General Contractor Marketing and Business Coaching.

Home Service Contractors

There are many home services industries; it is an extremely competitive field. These services include HVAC, landscaping, roofing, plumbing, and electrical, to name a few. Your business needs to have a reliable marketing plan, and we are the company that can provide long-term financial success by providing all of these services. We have the experts and the strategies to ensure you will not only have a profitable business, but it will be the BEST in the market. We will find a steady stream of multi-channel marketing of all types to help you rank at the top of search and in the minds of customers to bring in the profits. Why do you need to market? The right marketing mix fuels your company’s growth, and the next job must be lined up to remain profitable and keep your staff working. We will help you develop a system that will consistently bring in new leads and new clients. We use various home marketing platforms to connect with potential homeowners and understand as much as possible about you and your competition. We have been tested and proven, and we are here to put you over the top in your home services trade. You may eventually want to completely eliminate your competition. Take this journey with us; you will not be disappointed!
Learn more about our General Contractor Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at General Contractor Marketing and Business Coaching.
Multi-Channel Marketing
Multi-Channel Marketing

Insulation Contractors

The way companies market themselves has changed over the years. What worked a few years ago does not work well today. Many are now using the Internet to market their business to generate the volume of potential work needed to stay competitive. Keeping up with and surpassing the competition means using more aggressive marketing strategies. That is where we come in! Using our experience, we employ a variety of approaches to cover all the bases. Insulation contracting is a priority for homeowners and landlords. A poorly insulated home is hard to live in and difficult to rent, not to mention a very high heating bill. We will provide all types of marketing services for your business. Our goal is to make you stand out and get you found before the competition is hired! Our goal is to get your business ranked at the top of Google and top of mind awareness with social marketing and other types, which means more exposure and more customers. We use our extraordinary experience to activate our tested and proven strategies to create a customized marketing plan for your business. This will put your insulation business at a level above your competitors due to other marketing companies falling short of our success. Partnering with a marketing company that understands your marketing needs is very important. Contact us and find out how we can make a positive and long-lasting impact on your business and life.
Learn more about our General Contractor Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at General Contractor Marketing and Business Coaching.

Landscaping Contractors

Marketing tells your customers about the products or services you are offering them and creates brand awareness. Customers get to know about the value of your products, which will allow you to stand out when compared to others. There are actually very few marketing specialists who know the landscaping industry well enough to help you create a marketing plan to grow your business with a good return on your investment. That is where we come in! In your specialized industry, you offer landscape care, maintenance services, such as planting trees, shrubs, flowers, lawns, or gardens. You also design landscape plans or install walkways, retaining walls, decks, and fences. This unique work must be noticed, and we are here to do just that with multi-channel marketing on all platforms. Our experience, along with our lawn care experts, will use our marketing skills to help you become the marketing leader in your local service area. We have worked with landscape professionals, and contractors and we know precisely how to give your business the boost it needs to make you wealthy. Our hands-on approach is smart, strategic, and designed with your business—and your budget—in mind. The result? More sales, more leads, not just clicks or visitors, and more customers will start right now! You will connect with the best customers and reach all of your financial sales goals. Connect with the right customers at the right time—to help grow your business.
Learn more about our General Contractor Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at General Contractor Marketing and Business Coaching.
Multi-Channel Marketing
Multi-Channel Marketing

Plumbing Contractors

Plumbers face incredibly stiff competition, and many people don’t bother to look for a plumber until they have an emergency. Therefore, a plumbing marketing plan needs to be bold and filled with creative ideas to get people’s attention, so you have the top of mind awareness position. We are here to help you build a profitable and thriving service business. Marketing is the lifeblood of every business. Without marketing, there would be no customers, no appointments, and no jobs. Marketing is what makes money flow into your bank account. It is the fuel that grows any business. To be truly successful in the plumbing business, you must be a marketing expert or hire one!! We are those proven experts and can help you make a ton of money. Tim Geiger, the President of this company, earned his Master’s Plumbing license in Philadelphia, PA, and has had his own business for decades. His business has mastered all of the many small business challenges. Plumbing marketing strategies are the key to success, and we have a plan to help you accomplish every one of your goals. We will help you establish yourself as an authoritative, credible resource, and we will help you build a loyal following. Our experts will analyze the demographics of your company and find your target customers. We will then implement a plumbing marketing plan to provide you with reliable, ongoing clients whose referrals will lead to unimaginable financial success. Every plumber would love for their business to have as many jobs as it can handle, and we can help you reach the largest number of consumers in need of your services. Our experts can provide your business with the marketing tools you need for success, and we will help you meet your objectives. Let us become your marketing gurus and drive the business that you deserve.
Learn more about our General Contractor Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at General Contractor Marketing and Business Coaching.

Pool Contractors

We understand the struggles and challenges unique to swimming pool builders and swimming pool service companies and help find ways to grow your business. We specialize in marketing and provide pool contractors, pool builders, pool services, pool supply stores, and pool equipment manufacturers, to name a few, with expert marketing services. Because of our experience, we know how marketing and technology connect with each other. We are, therefore, well- equipped to help Pool & Spa companies reach that next level and dominate the competition. If you are looking for ways to leverage the playing field against your competitors, this is it! It is time that pool builders and pool service companies have the knowledge and resources to bring real marketing firepower and solutions to your business. Our swimming pool marketing strategies will become your secret weapon for superior marketing in your business. We have helped many in the industry grow their revenue to incredible numbers, for some, over twenty times their marketing investment. Let us do the same for your business. We are ready to take you there!.
Learn more about our Pool Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Pool Contractors Marketing and Business Consulting..
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digital solutions for multi channel marketing

Tree Services

If you are reading this, you are likely looking for ways to attract more customers and grow your tree contractors’ business. We are here to help you accomplish that goal and get a high return on your investment. There are many misconceptions about the best ways to market a tree services business. Marketing cannot be the job of one person at your company; it takes a team. Everyone must play a role in marketing your products. Marketing is not the same as advertising. It must be a transparent approach to promoting your tree company and the individual tree service you offer to consumers. Advertising is just one part of an overall tree service marketing plan, and we use a variety of tools. We have given much thought to the process before we begin, which is a critical part of the success of our marketing strategy. Whether your tree service performs pruning, tree removal, stump removal, or tree care services, you have competitors. We use our expert techniques to know your competitors. We create skillful methods so that your place in the market is increased to its highest level. That is what brings you success. We know that consumers are tired of traditional marketing, and we had to create new avenues for success. Many consumers ignore phone calls, skip commercials, throw away junk mail, or do not answer the door. They skip ads in magazines or newspapers. We know that creatively marketing your tree service in today’s world can be a challenge. However, many companies are ready to take your money. We currently work with many tree care businesses to develop useful websites, social media, radius marketing, email, and targeted storm areas that drive traffic and convert leads! Connect with us; success will be on the way.
Learn more about our Tree Services Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Tree Services Marketing and Business Consulting..

HVAC Contractors

Mr. Geiger, the President, developed a multi-million-dollar HVAC and plumbing company and sold the business before launching this marketing company. My company worked with HVAC professionals and contractors for many years, and I have the experience to help your businesses grow and make you wealthy. We know that strong marketing is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, there will be no prospects, no appointments, no work, and no profits. To be successful in the HVAC business, you need a marketing expert who will help you make a lot of money. The truth is that most of the heating and air conditioning contractors do not understand the new HVAC marketing concepts. The world of marketing your HVAC services is changing. As more consumers turn to the internet to find a trustworthy contractor in their area, your business must have a strong presence in the places where potential customers are looking for help. Successful HVAC companies can no longer rely on word-of-mouth and or an occasional ad in the papers in this increasingly competitive market. Homeowners and business owners are looking to find a reliable marketing contractor every day, and that is the key to success and where our expertise lies. As an HVAC contractor, you know how important it is to have a steady supply of leads to keep your team busy. When your vans are sitting idle, and you are burning through cash, you know that is no way to grow an HVAC shop. You may be an expert at your job, but you know that your training did not cover how to market your heating & cooling business. We are here to bring your business to the next level. Unlike other marketing companies, we do not drive up your Google Ads as your primary source of leads and service calls. Our programs have a much lower cost of customer acquisition. We even guarantee that you will get ten times growth based on your investment with us with no fine print. Learn more today. We will help you determine the most cost-effective investments for your market so that you can get back to doing what you do best: working in your HVAC business. With industry-specific content, marketing materials, and training tools, we will help you bring your business into modern times. We can increase the numbers of your customers and increase profits in the process. If you are missing out on growth or profits, it is time to connect with us!
Learn more about our HVAC Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at HVAC Contractors Marketing and Business Consulting.
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Painting Contractors

We have worked with painting professionals and contractors and have the expert experience to help grow your business. We often say that marketing is actually the lifeblood of every business. Without robust marketing strategies, there can be no prospects, no projects, and no increased cash flow. Marketing is what makes your register ring. To be truly successful in the residential painting business, you must be a marketing expert. If you connect with us, you will make a lot of money. We specialize in getting you more types of painting jobs that get you higher profits: a painter for a house, exterior painting, and interior painting. We can get the painting done for one room or the entire house interior..Our success is achieved with social marketing, social proof, radius marketing, email marketing, targeted marketing, and top search engine results in your service area. We can have you at the top of all Google search results in your office area. If you need to leave your office, your visibility will not disappear. Now combine those results with other multi-channel marketing, and you dominate your service area. (THIS WAS A VERY CONFUSING PARAGRAPH; I TRIED TO CLARIFY A BIT. Unfortunately, our experience has shown us that the average residential painter looks at what others in the industry are doing and follows their lead. That is not the best strategy since many of the usual marketing tools do not work. Our experience will help you become the painting business leader in your field. We know exactly how to give your business what it needs to help you succeed. Our approach is designed with your business—and your budget—at the center of our strategy. You will get an increase in customers, and you will reach all of your financial goals. Let us help you to grow your painting business with our painting contractor marketing. Your success starts here.
Learn more about our Painting Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Painting Contractors Marketing and Business Coaching.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Contractors

Over the past few years, information indicates that Kitchen & Bath remodeling is ranked among the top consumer projects, even during challenging economic times. As a remodeling professional, you need an online marketing strategy that provides homeowners with the information they need to ultimately choose your business for their remodeling needs. More recently, the market seems saturated with licensed builders and supply chain stores that offer discounted installation services. You are no longer competing against other local contractors but with builders outside of your community. As expert remodeling contractors, we know that many business owners are not taking advantage of the best marketing information. Kitchen & Bath work involves projects that are complex and complicated. They might require electrical, appliance, plumbing, tile & flooring, lighting, and work on countertops. If some Kitchen & Bath dealers and distributors have strong marketing skills, many are not eager to share. This is where we can assist with sales and marketing systems that are proven to be successful. We work exclusively with kitchen and bath remodelers to help them market their services with solid marketing skills. What makes us a truly unique marketing company and business consultants is that we offer a comprehensive package that generates actual results. We have many strategies to help make your business grow. Remodeling jobs are large projects, and promising leads are hard to come by. That is where we shine. We will get you those profitable projects that, until now, many of your competitors have been taking away from your company. You will immediately see a return on your money and a step up to the next level of sales and profits you did not have before. Stop taking chances with other marketing. This is a certainty; you will not be disappointed. Call us; we are ready to help!
Learn more about our Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Contractors Marketing and Business Coaching.
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multi channel marketing for roofing contractors

Roofing & Siding Contractors

Our tested and proven marketing strategies have empowered small business owners like you to make the best marketing decisions to grow their Roofing & Siding business. Increasing and maintaining this growth can be overwhelming. You have spent your career earning your licenses so that you could be the best company around. However, most of those classes did not focus on how to market your Roofing and Siding business. Often, you watch competitors increase their profits, but no matter how much money you spend on advertising, you never see the results you desire. We are here to intervene and help!! Developing a strong marketing strategy requires creative and innovative planning. We will determine your target market and the most effective ways to reach them. When done correctly, the hard work put into your marketing efforts will pay off by increasing the visibility of your siding company and bring in new customers. Developing a solid marketing strategy can also help you to set goals and increase your financial gain. If your installations include any type of roof replacements, new residential and commercial roofing, roofing repairs, flat roof repairs, emergency roof repairs, metal roofs, metal for roofing, steel roofing, corrugated metal roofing, metal shingle roofing, and all types of shingle roofing, or any other roofing products, we can grow your roofing business. We are Social, Content, Email, Search Engine Results, Web, and Internet Marketing Experts for Roofing & Siding Professionals. We get it. We have specialized in Multi-Channel Marketing for many professionals, and we know what it takes to build a campaign targeting the right customers. We can take your business to the next level. We make contractors wealthy. As a Roofing and Siding contractor, it is critically important to nurture your leads and closely manage your sales. You depend on a steady stream of leads, so any missed opportunities means money out of your pocket. That will be solved with our marketing process and proprietary systems. We will identify your high value targeted prospects into leads and customers. We will work with you at every step and focus on your sales and marketing activities and systems. We will give you the tools to manage your workers, your inventory, and your profits. You will see the financial gains with our business coaching and marketing. Our marketing system is built on trust and integrity, and we strive to perform at a very high-level. We guarantee that our roofing marketing services, with our reputation in management, is designed to increase your profits and get you in front of the most qualified homeowners who want to use your services. Hire us with certainty: we guarantee you ten times your investment Learn more, you can count on us. We make contractors wealthy. Contact us today.
Learn more about our Roofing and Siding Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Roofing and Siding Contractors Marketing and Business Coaching.

Window Contractors

When you work in an industry as specialized as the sales and installation of windows and doors, you want to work with a marketing company that understands what you do and the types of homeowners and business owners you want to attract. We are very proud of our success in delivering increased revenue to our clients in record time. When you work in an industry as specialized as the sales and installation of windows and doors, you…
Learn more about our Window & Doors Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Window & Doors Contractors Marketing and Business Coaching.
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Pest Control Contractors

If you want your pest control company to increase sales and finances and be the authority in your marketplace, there’s only one way to do that. Hire us, the company, to provide the marketing services that will increase your market share and profits. Pest control is one of the most popular service industries in the United States. It generates millions of dollars each year. One of the main reasons for this rapid growth is the rising number of residential and commercial real estate projects. While pest control needs are increasing, there are many challenges that a business needs to overcome to be successful. One of the roadblocks among business owners is the intense competition from large and small companies. Therefore, we know that your business must have the correct marketing strategies. This is where we come into the picture. With thousands of pest control companies, your business must stand out in the crowd. As a local business operator, you need to be innovative and have specific marketing plans to promote your business. We know that in today’s market, it is just not enough to just do a good job. Marketing your services is much more than that in today’s world of business. Today people have practically unlimited access to the Internet. It allows users to find any pest control company they want, read the reviews, and compare the prices and services. This is why a marketing plan for pest control companies has become a must-have in successfully running your company. Finding new customers, rewarding your loyal clients, and raising brand awareness is the new reality for pest control marketing. We specialize in these areas. We focus our marketing strategies for a pest control company on their brand. Since the goal of your business is to protect your customers’ homes from bugs and pests, people are relying on you. Their safety depends on you. Naturally, they want to be confident in the company they choose; they place their trust in you. As the face of your marketing strategy, we stress the uniqueness of your company when compared to others. Your logo, your business cards, your slogan, your name, your website, and your emails – it all counts. The client’s trust is built from several small things that create the image of a successful company. Yours will be the top authority, the company they cannot survive without their pest control needs. Our experience in the pest control industry has proven that our marketing strategies will attract customers for routine maintenance, and those who call in an emergency. These emergency calls are contacting you because they discovered that there are pests in their home, and they will want to get rid of them immediately. You will be known for the name to call. They are not interested in spending a lot of time browsing your site or searching for the information needed. Once again – the logical, clear, and understandable manner in which we present your services will increase your customers and lead to a financial windfall. The uniqueness of our marketing strategy is not compared to other marketing companies who show contractors reports of traffic and clicks; we measure the success of our marketing by your sales. We know what works and can turn the visitors to your sites into sales and wipe out all of the competition. We have helped the company’s double, triple, and even quadruple their financial gains. Give us a call; it will be the best business decision you have ever made.
Learn more about our Pest Control Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Pest Control Contractors Marketing and Business Coaching.

Moving Companies

Being in the business of moving services, you know the importance of having steady leads to keep your workers busy. You also know moving jobs are the cash flow, while storage is the wealth builder. If your storage containers or trucks are idle and you still have to pay the bills, you know it is time for a change. You may be experienced and have been in the business for many years, but you don’t know how to market your business. We are here to help, and we can definitely bring your business to the next level. When people hire a mover, they hire a professional to perform a service better than they could do it themselves. They choose from doing it themselves with moving truck rentals to decide on any of the following; pods moving, pods for moving and storage, moving trailer rental, moving to storage, full service moving companies, and more from moving local to who is the best moving companies for long-distance. It is a very stressful time for movers. Keeping a steady flow of customers in any moving business is a difficult task, especially when your business is dependent on people relocating. People only typically move a small number of times in their lives, so even if you do an excellent job, the chances are very slim that they will call you again. The moving business is unpredictable. We know there are busy and slow times, and we understand how to manage them both. Many times, success comes from simply doing things better than your competitors and to target potential high-value customers. If you are ready, we are here to offer experienced help. Today, things are more complicated. In addition to social media, there are apps for mobile devices, data analytics, and the need for strong content marketing. Connect multi-channel marketing types with email marketing programs for property sellers builds authority. Therefore, when they do sell and need a moving company, you are the trusted hire. Determining which marketing tactics are right and what order is best for you can make your head spin. But that’s why we’re here. We can give you an overview of what’s available and what will work best for your moving company or moving and storage company. With industry-specific content, marketing materials, and training tools, we’ll help you bring your business into modern times. The number of customers will increase and so will your profits. We will use as many of our expert approaches as we have to use to meet your growth and profit goals. With our help, you will be buying more trucks and storage very soon! Call us. We’re here to help you succeed, so let’s get started!
Learn more about our Moving Companies Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Moving Companies Contractors Marketing and Business Coaching.
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Business & Home Security Companies

When it comes to getting help with marketing your business and home security company, you have come to the right place. Stop right here!!! Many security companies have reached out to us because it is hard to find contractors who specialize in so many different aspects of marketing your type of business. If you are looking to strengthen your security alarm system, monitoring your business, and increasing your profits, we can hel…
Learn more about our Home Security Companies Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Home Security Companies Contractors Marketing and Business Coaching.

Solar Contractors

Solar marketing has its challenges and problems that are unique to solar contractors. If you install solar panels and want help earning higher profits and securing more leads for new solar installations to grow your business, you have found the experts in this field. We specialize in marketing and provide fortune 500 level marketing services for solar installations, solar electrical contractors, solar energy installations, top solar contractors, and many more services to increase your solar business. Our experience in the field has taught us how solar marketing contractors and their customers connect. We are a sure-bet with our proven and tested techniques in marketing. Our strategies span across all channels of marketing for your solar installation business to substantially expand your customer base. Your growth will increase in not only your existing neighborhoods but far beyond your extended service area. We can help you to compete with larger companies and monopolize the market. If a buyout is also a part of your business plan, we can help you reach your solar advertising and marketing goals and profits. Your solar panel installations targeted marketing will become your secret combat weapon for superior and consistent marketing performance. Many of our strategies target high-value homeowners with higher electric bills in their neighborhoods, homes with heat pumps, or all-electric homes. We then layer that information with the homeowners who have high credit ratings along with other critical data. We have a secure and profitable plan in place, and we have helped many contractors grow their business sales to incredible numbers. Sometimes that has brought over twenty times their marketing investments. Let us do the same for your solar business. Let us bring that same real marketing arson of weapons and campaigns to grow your business today. Get started now; your sales and profit growth begins right here!
Learn more about our Solar Business Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Solar Business Contractors Marketing and Business Coaching.
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Cleaning Services

At times, it seems like everyone is looking for cleaning services. However, once you have gone into business for yourself, you may wonder where all those potential customers have gone and how you can promote your cleaning business. It can be a challenge to figure out who needs someone to clean, how to find them, and convince them that you can do the job. Actually, there are plenty of opportunities out there, with so many homes and businesses with owners willing to pay someone to clean. The key is figuring out how to promote your cleaning business and turn potential customers into paying clients. We are here to HELP! Implementing a smart marketing strategy will help us determine how to communicate your business to potential customers effectively for home and office cleaning services. We will define your brand, communicate it to the high valued target, and deliver on your cleaning services. We have the tools to help you grow your network and expand your company. We are experts at actively marketing your cleaning business to stay top of mind of customers and to continuously generate new leads. A strong core strategy is using Google organic and maps connected with social targeting and email owners of businesses that you specialize in. Many companies use just Adwords, which can have tremendous costs for a growing cleaning business. There are much better ways to acquire cleaning customers for home and business than Google ad words. When potential clients search, they already have the intention of finding a cleaning business; we just need them to pick your company. Our strategy is to create your authority and trust with social proof. Now they are looking for you, not any cleaning service company. The right marketing will result in your company’s growth. We can ensure that the next job will be lined up to keep your staff working and make money for you. We will help you develop a system that will consistently bring in new leads and new clients. We are your best chance to eventually eliminate the competition. Join us; you will not be disappointed!
Learn more about our Cleaning Services Contractors Marketing Consultant & Business Consultant at Cleaning Services Contractors Marketing and Business Coaching.

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