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Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Combat Contractor Marketing & Coaching (, the company acting and coordinated under the laws of the United States, with address: 11 Crosskeys Rd Suite 102, Collegeville, PA 19426, United States.

This User Agreement depicts the agreements which you acknowledge by utilizing our Website or our Services. We have joined by reference to some connected data. 


By getting to the Website, you consent to the following terms:

We might amend this User Agreement and any connected data occasionally by posting altered terms on the Website, without notice to you. 

The Website is an internet based setting where Users purchase and Seller sell Services and Products. Purchasers and Sellers should enlist for an Account to purchase or sell Seller Services or potentially products. The Website empowers Users to cooperate online to finish and pay for Projects, purchase and sell products and to utilize the administrations that we give. We are not involved with any authoritative agreements among Buyer and Seller in the web-based scene; we only work with associations between the gatherings. 

We may, every now and then, and without notice, change or add to the Website or the data, items or administrations depicted in it. Notwithstanding, we don’t embrace keeping the Website refreshed. 


Prior to utilizing the Website, you should peruse the entire User Agreement, the Website approaches and all connected data. 

You should peruse and acknowledge every one of the terms in, and connected to, this User Agreement and Privacy Policy. By tolerating this User Agreement as you access our Website, you concur that this User Agreement will apply at whatever point you utilize the Website, or when you utilize the devices we make accessible to associate with the Website. A few Websites might have extra or different terms that we give to you when you utilize those administrations. 


You won’t utilize the Website in the event that you: 

  1. are not ready to shape lawfully authoritative agreements; 
  2. are younger than 16; 
  3. are suspended from utilizing the Website; or 
  4. do not hold a substantial email address. 


All free client accounts are related to people. Login certifications ought not to be imparted by clients to other people. The individual related with the record will be considered answerable for all activities considered, without impediment. 

Depending upon your neighborhood laws, an individual more than 15 however under 18 can utilize a grown-up’s record with the consent of the record holder. Notwithstanding, the record holder is answerable for all activities considered, without impediment. 

Clients might give a business name or a company name, which is related to the User’s Account. Clients recognize and concur that where a business name or company name is related with their Account, this User Agreement is an agreement with the User as an individual (not the business or company) and Users remain exclusively liable for activity of any kind embraced in regard to their Account. 

A company, enterprise, trust, association or other non-individual corporate content might be a User subject to a qualified corporate record which pays corporate memberships. 

We may, at our outright circumspection, decline to enlist any individual or content as a User. 

You can’t move or allocate any privileges or commitments you have under this arrangement without earlier composed assent. 

Utilizing JIRA 

While utilizing the Website, you won’t endeavor to or in any case do any of the following: 

  1. post content or things in unseemly classes or regions on our Websites and administrations; 
  2. infringe any laws, outsider freedoms or our strategies, like the Code of Conduct; 
  3. fail to convey installment for administrations conveyed to you; 
  4. fail to convey Seller Services bought from you; 
  5. circumvent or control our expense structure, the charging system, or charges owed to JIRA; 
  6. post bogus, incorrect, misdirecting, misleading, abusive or hostile content (counting individual data); 
  7. take any activity that might subvert the input or notoriety frameworks, (for example, showing, bringing in or trading criticism data or utilizing it for purposes irrelevant to the Website); 
  8. transfer your JIRA account (counting criticism) and Username to one more party without our assent; 
  9. distribute or post spam, spontaneous, or mass electronic interchanges, junk letters, or fraudulent business models; 
  10. distribute infections or whatever other advancements that might hurt JIRA, the Website, or the interests or property of JIRA clients (counting their Intellectual Property Rights, protection and exposure freedoms) or is unlawful, compromising, oppressive, abusive, obtrusive of security, foul, vulgar, profane or which might disturb or make pain or bother, or affect scorn of, any individual; 
  11. download and total postings from our site for show with postings from different sites without our express composed consent, “outline”, “reflect” or in any case fuse any piece of the Website into some other site without our former composed authorization; 
  12. attempt to alter, interpret, adjust, alter, decompile, dismantle, or figure out any product programs utilized by us regarding the Website; 
  13. copy, adjust or circulate freedoms or content from the Website or FJIRA’s copyrights and reserve; or 
  14. harvest or in any case gather data about Users, including email addresses, without their assent. 


At the point when you give us content, you award us an around the world, interminable, unalterable, eminence free, sub licensable (through different levels) right to practice all copyright, brand name, exposure, and data set privileges (however no different freedoms) you have in the content, in any media known now or later on. 

You address and warrant that your content: 

  1. will not encroach upon or abuse any copyright, patent, brand name, proprietary advantage, or other protected innovation right or restrictive right or right of exposure or security of any individual; 
  2. will not abuse any law or guideline; 
  3. will not be disparaging or exchange derogatory; 
  4. will not be foul or contain kid erotic entertainment; 
  5. will not contain the turn of events, plan, assembling or creation of rockets, or atomic, compound or natural weapons; 
  6. will not contain material connected to fear based oppressor exercises; 
  7. will exclude inadequate, bogus or off base data about User or some other individual; and 
  8. will not contain any infections or other PC programming schedules that are planned to harm, adversely meddle with, clandestinely capture or dispossess any framework, information or individual data. 

Correspondence with Other Users 

Correspondence with different clients on the Website should be led through the message, sound and additionally video talk usefulness, alongside message sheets, public explanation sheets, Project message board; direct message sending and other correspondence channels given on the Website. 

You should not post your email address or some other contact data (counting however not restricted to Skype ID or other distinguishing strings on different stages) on the Website, besides in the “email” field of the information exchange structure, at our solicitation or as in any case allowed by us on the Website. 

Except if you have an earlier relationship with a User, you should just speak with Users by means of the Website. You should not, and should not endeavor to, speak with different Users through some other means including however, not restricted to email, phone, Skype, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, WeChat, SnapChat, WhatsApp, GTalk, GChat or Yahoo. 

According to video visit and sound talk, any terms consented to between any Users should be affirmed recorded as a hard copy utilizing the talk or direct message work. 

We might utilize data like your name, area, show or username, or potentially your picture, according to the arrangement informing administrations on the Website or in the versatile applications. 


If you have any queries about this User Agreement or if you wish to report breaches of this User Agreement, please contact us by emailing us at

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