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Marketing & Coaching Complete System for Contractors

We have developed our patented process designed to turn your website into a magnet that draws targeted customers to your business and uses automated marketing systems to work on autopilot to convert them into qualified sales opportunities. It all starts with developing your strategy as shown below, step by step:

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One-on-One Consultation

Whether it is a simple phone call or comprehensive personal online consulting, Combat Contractor Marketing has something for everyone. We offer a variety of custom contractors marketing consulting options depending on your specific business situation and requirements. Once we understand the goal of your online marketing needs, we can guide you in the right direction and provide you with the best possible online contractor marketing approach to grow your business online.


Lead Capturing, Nurturing & Monitoring

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Multi-channel marketing has become a science with our artificial intelligence and marketing automation. To achieve set goals, it is crucial to nurture and manage them effectively. Our expert consultants help run lead nurture campaigns maintenance, service and installations that can be automated with better segmented data across the entire customer life-cycle, right from the first click to the final purchase. A well-monitored automated sales funnel helps its level grow, provided if your website has constant quality traffic from SEO efforts, targeted ads, mobile apps or quality social content. Leave this all to out experts and you are good to go.

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Converting Content

Your location is critical to creating your marketing strategy. We all know contractors who have had successful campaigns in one part of the country and try to duplicate the same material for their location and are unsuccessful. Some businesses have four seasons, while others are different. We start our plan by knowing what geographical zone your business is in and work with that information.

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Patented Marketing Systems

Modern technology enables us to do things with advertising that we can have only dreamed about five years back. Marketing automation is an advanced technology, which lets us automate your marketing with triggers to reach goals. This system is patented. We use it to make a collection of automated marketing selections and conversion funnels that work together to turn website visitors into leads and utilizes automated lead nurturing until they are ready to speak to you or your sales staff. The best thing about this is that your site conversion rate rises, and you are the trusted authority that the customer hires with confidence.

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Reallocating Budget

We ensure to lessen your burden of repetitive tasks, allowing you to get the most out of your sales and save tone of time, which your contracting business can invest in smart allocation of your budget directly back into campaigns to see more returns. With an automated project workflow, which includes all your marketing activities, documents and relevant emails, the progress of campaign can be tracked at every stage.


Triggers and Daily Adjustments

Our process is not a one-time event. It keeps changing with your schedule and sales. We are always adjusting our strategies to meet your goals without you ever having to lift a finger. It is an ongoing cycle that we test, measure, analyze, and ‘tweak’ at every stage to ensure you achieve your set goals. When working with us, your business becomes smoother.

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Labor Load Management

You will no longer need to worry about slow times or shoulder months. We have you covered. Remember, Implementation beats strategy every time, and now you have both so that you can easily become wealthy. You can trust the Consulting Experts at Combat Contactor marketing for their unmatched reliability and complete compatibility with a marketing strategy that is better than industry standards. You can count on us to provide the needed support for all your labor load management needs.

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Business Coaching

With our system, you will get a chance to select from three different live coaching programs that fit your needs. We know the library is filled with books for dummies on how owners and managers should manage their businesses. We also know all the associations that provide videos and how-to books for contractors on how you should run an excellent business. The proven problem is that we do not effectively learn that way. If we did, the net profit percentages for contractors would be much better. We joined all of these different groups, associations and watched the online videos, and we stopped using them. They were a waste of time! Our live training is proven, and we make contractors wealthy!

Become Wealthy with Combat Contractor Marketing Coaching

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