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Hire a digital marketer with Confidence

Marketing your contracting business correctly is crucial to not only help your company grow but to surpass your competition in the market.

If you do not have the time to invest in creating a marketing campaign for your construction business, Combat Contractor Marketing company is here to help. With over twenty-eight years of experience in the contracting field, we can create marketing campaigns that successfully help your business grow. You can always be confident that the work is being done correctly. Our expert contracting consultants work with a patented, streamlined award-winning multi-channel marketing process. All work is done efficiently and effectively to maximize your revenue and bring ten times more profits to your business.

Social Proof

Data has shown that “71% of customers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media referral!” Social media endorsements deliver proof of increased conversions! We believe customer-oriented marketing is the best kind of marketing. It helps other companies see that your business and website are the trusted authority in marketing. The ability of social media to make your human and show that you do not have to applaud your work; many others do that for you and your company. Actual customers verify your fantastic work and are delighted to be a part of your company.


Through these end-to-end online multi-channel marketing services, we assure you that you can reach your target audience and build trust with your targeted customers. They will be confident to choose your business over any other contractor in the competition. Please check out what national leaders, industry authors, and our own clients say about our company. You will not be disappointed.

Exclusive Process

We understand that every business is different, and the same marketing strategy cannot and will not work for every contractor. Our team of experts puts their entire effort into understanding the marketing goals of your particular contracting business. We then develop a customized plan designed to meet your goals, location, business type, and the high-value targeted customers that drive the sales opportunities for your services.


Our exclusively designed digital marketing process for contractors is made up of comprises four factors. They are Understanding, Planning, Developing, and Refining. Through our strategic and customized marketing solutions, we can handle all aspects of your business while streamlining the process and providing better communication channels.


Our Team – Professional Digital Marketer

Our team consists of carefully hand-picked and highly experienced consultants, research analysts, trainers, digital marketing professionals, and industry experts. They all have strong expertise in strategic marketing, market research & analysis, branding, training, and other contractor areas in business marketing. Our experienced contractor consultant professionals provide effective leadership, keen attention to detail, and a trustworthy partnership that you can depend on as we work on your projects.

Why Choose Our Marketing Company

We can ensure the best outcome for your contracting project. Every successful business needs workers who know precisely what they are doing and what is best for your business. When you choose Combat Contractor Marketing as your digital marketer, we assure the management of all aspects of your online marketing strategy. This includes creating and monitoring organic or paid marketing campaigns, which entails content creation, managing social media channels, and much more. We have generated thousands of leads for our clients. You can count on us. Do not wait! Hire us to provide the services to drive valuable results for your business.

Measure Sales, Not Clicks

No Risks, Only Results


Contractor Consulting

Consulting Our Guarantee

Measure Sales, Not Clicks

Unlike other companies who do not match our services, we measure your marketing performance by your sales, not by the numbers of clicks, views, and website visits. Every other marketing company compromises the end goal to offer a lower price for their service. Not us!

We specialize in multi-channel marketing that uses many different methods and channels, including pertinent websites, social media sites, e-mails, reputation building, on-page SEO, Digital Ads, and other methods to get the highest return on your investment. A well-placed and optimized advertising campaign can substantially impact offline purchase behavior and online conversions uplifting the sales. We not only focus on driving sales but can increase it by ten times from where we start.

No Risks, Only Results

We work with clients throughout all phases of the process. It begins with an analysis of the current online market position to the post-launch of all types of digital marketing campaigns. We provide our assistance in identifying risky factors and rectify them before we create and run the campaign. In addition, along with our digital marketing services, we will evaluate your project for future challenges. In short, we make sure to assess every detail and aspect of your business and consider it while creating a personalized strategy that brings better results.


In our company, confidentiality is one of the most critical components of the hiring process. At Combat Contractor Marketing, we respect our customers and understand that we are protective of your privacy. We have a firm confidentiality policy in place to protect your information and agreements from possible competitors. We take privacy issues very seriously and always take corrective measures to keep our client’s information confidential before and after the hiring process is completed. Information or data would only be accessed after a meeting with and the approval of the client. You and your projects are safe with our company.

Contractor Consulting

Before entering into the ever-evolving contractor business, having the support of a team of reliable and successful marketing experts is essential. This will ensure that all of the opportunities available in the new or existing market can be utilized to the fullest. We have remained a trusted contractor consulting partner for leading companies across the globe for many years. We have now successfully brought these desirable leads and sales to our clients through innovative multi-channel marketing strategies. We strive to blend our unique background as a contractor with our extensive consulting experiences to provide superlative service.

Our Guarantee

We will not stop until we provide results! Combat Contractor Marketing is confident enough with our limitless knowledge and variety of resources that we will certainly help grow your sales at least five times the amount you invest in your marketing bundles. We have many contractors that are realizing over ten times the amount they have invested in their marketing bundles.

If you do not get satisfactory results from our marketing bundles, we assure you that our marketing services for your company will be FREE of charge until your sales reach ten times your investment. Your success starts with a phone call. Take the next step, and contact us immediately.

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