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We Make Contractors Wealthy With Our Marketing & Consulting Services

Get Patent Pending Technology with Fortune 500 Level Multi Channel Marketing Results

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We work with your existing marketing budget and find low producing results.


Then we reallocate marketing dollars to proven marketing with higher ROI. Our marketing plans are simple as picking out what percentage of your marketing budget and what ROI do you want to achieve. Making contractor marketing simple for you.

For contractors, designed by contractors, guaranteed performance!

Complete Multi Channel Marketing Packages

We offer contractors pay for performance marketing at flat rate pricing based on volume of business sales to keep everyone busy and grow. We provide simple marketing to maintain your customers, get employees and increase profits in this competitive world that other contractors are marketing your customer base every day.

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Maintain Customer Base

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Business Growth

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Employee Acquisitions

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Increase Profits

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Our Goal

Our goal is to have your company ROI a min of 5 times, and total revenue goal up to 7-10 times your investment over a course of twelve months. This is a proven strategy and the tactical part would be worked out between companies in developing the final plan.

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Our Guarantee

We will guarantee in writing the amount times your investment for a 12-month period. If for any reason we do not achieve at least that increase in company revenue, we will provide our services FREE at no charge. You will be responsible for third party ad spend.


Our guarantee is one of the strongest in the industry. If we do not get you at least the listed Yearly Marketing Average ROI. We work for FREE with no additional payments until you get the ROI listed.

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Our Benefits

Designed by contractors

  • Our business consulting is complementary with all our marketing packages. Our way of giving back, and you recover from the pandemic faster.
  • We invest with you up to the first 3 months by offering that you only pay 50% and we invest the other 50% to help get you started to reaching your goals.
  • I owned an HVAC company for 28 years and sold my multi-million-dollar business back around 2006. I have been doing HVAC marketing online and know what works since 1994. I know the business numbers well since I was a member of Nexstar and before that when it was Contractor 2000.
  • You get to use a proven marketing system. Contractors of all sales sizes from over 125 million in California to 800 thousand in a rural town and all in between across the US count on us to help keep them busy and profitable all year.

Why Call Now

No marketing company has the layers of experience and systems to help you better. Because of any of the following:

  • You are tired of paying money for marketing and not having your phone ring as you want.
  • You scramble to keep your people busy all year
  • You don’t have enough people and cant get good help
  • You work hard and don’t have double digit profits after you pay yourself.
  • Your marketing is costing you and your not getting a ROI

If you are tired of paying money for marketing and not having your phone ring as you want it while you scramble to keep your people busy, that’s a start. We have our Advanced marketing where we are your marketing arm and you get fortune 500 level agency marketing for all your needs for a flat rate based on your gross sales. This program grows with you.

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SEO Case Study

LA County, California, is one of the most expensive HVAC PPC areas and the hardest for ranking with Google SEO. Below are the results after 65 days. Now we have 1,743 keywords recognized by Google. We started with only 15 organic keywords.

Ranking organically in a competitive market is challenging, and finding a marketing company specializing with only contractors that can deliver is harder. Now add performance-based fees, and it is almost impossible.

Combat Contractor Marketing – Makes Contractors wealthy!
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We Make Contractors Wealthy

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