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Inbound Marketing for Contractors: The Right Customer Education

Gain New Leads, Spend Less Money

Today, most contractors rely heavily on the internet to generate new leads. In an age dominated by Google, you are more likely to be found online, but that’s only if you’re found at all. But, in a sea of businesses and individuals with the same services, how is this possible? That’s where inbound marketing for the construction industry comes in.

Inbound marketing might seem a bit daunting. But having a strong online presence is critical if you want to stay ahead of competition. More and more people use the Internet to find service providers, and you need to be available where they’re looking. With inbound marketing strategies, customers start the conversation through various online channels, and contractors can create targeted content or customer education approach that makes it easier for people to find them online.

Are you a contractor looking to generate new leads and increase your revenue online? You have come to the right place.

With a strong content marketing strategy, industry-leading customer education methods and buyer insights, we have the tools to target your audience and serve them with the information they’re searching for. By increasing interest and brand awareness, we pull qualified leads into the pipeline and send them to your sales team when they are readiest to buy.

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What Is Content Marketing and Does It Really Work?

Content marketing basically comprises of providing valuable, educational, and meaningful content that build trust and credibility and help your current or potential client base solve their own problems. It allows you to connect with your prospects and educate customers about your product or services, why they should use it, and how it can help them, so that they can make an informed decision.

It is an effective marketing strategy that establish your brand’s expertise, when you consistently give your audience informative and action-filled content, which in turn will make it easy to qualify them as leads. Marketers use various educational content marketing strategies to nurture and grow their audience.

Some of the most popular educational content marketing strategies are

inbound marketing

Blog posts

inbound marketing

Long-form articles

inbound marketing

Case studies

inbound marketing for newsletter


Inbound Marketing for Press Release

Press releases

inbound marketing

Templates & checklists

inbound marketing


Whitepaper inbound marketing


Infographic inbound marketing


Videos inbound marketing


Inbound Marketing for Podocast


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Let’s look at some of the critical content strategy statistics and metrics that will help you make more sense

This amount of trust that people put in online reviews clearly shows how important is company’s online reputation. Hence, so you need to be more proactive in dealing and neutralizing the negative effects of reviews about your company. A well planned and executed will help keep your reputation intact.

Inbound Content Marketing Process & Strategies

Remodeling PPC Campaigns

What is a Successful Content Marketing Strategy for Contractors?

What is the point of your content if it’s not seen, read, heard, and, most importantly, shared? Hence, creating and following a well-developed content strategy is what will help contractors to reach to their ideal customers.

At Combat Contractor Marketing & Coaching, we build a strategic plan that focus on your goals and how to achieve them effectively. This strategic plan consists of steps that our content Marketing efforts should be directed to help your contracting business decide your ideal audience, the ways to deliver that content to them and, finally, achieve and measure your targeted results.

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Auditing Your Existing Content

There is an inexplicable amount of information for your audience to click and explore on more than 70 million blog posts published each month. Hence, if you are creating content without any solid understanding of what works for your audience and your brand is a complete waste of time and resources.Therefore, we ensure to collect all your existing content and analyze them to better understand the present state of your content. Content auditing includes- observing what type of content attracts your audience and what content brings you the best results and the ways to improve to make it happen.

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Your Goals & Audience

Finding your goals and audience then creating content pieces to draw them is the key to success in Content Marketing. For that, you have to understand their, concerns, problems, and needs. We polish your goals and ensure that every content piece is created toward meeting those goals and organizes them in a hierarchical fashion. First we define goals related to your overall vision and mission and then move forward with identifying long- and short-term goals that Content Marketing can help accomplish.

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Marketing Content Production

Once the content strategy is in place, it’s time to start producing content in different forms like writing blog posts, articles, white papers, shooting videos, designing infographics, and more. Before we starting the content creation process, we first lay the foundation by establishing the purpose of each content piece we create. We ensure that every content piece covers every part of the customer journey to support your prospects at each stage, and, ultimately, develop a long-term relationship between your client and your brand.

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Smart Content Distribution

Your content if goes to the channels where your audience already spends most of their time can give it the best chance of being seen. Specific social media analytics and demographics can give you a clear idea in distinguishing the digital marketing channels that will help engage your existing customers or target potential audience, and the ones may be a waste of budget. It is always better to include a diverse mix of content types in your strategy to appeal to your every type of audience. For some SEO would be a good option and for some PPC will be more efficient choice.
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Analyzing Content Performance

At last, it is time to analyzing your content performance to understand what type of content is connecting with your audience and what not. It further helps in determining what kind of content pieces to generate next. Understanding the behavior of your audience will give you clear signals about what interests them the most, making it easier for you to come up with new content strategy that yield better results. These content metrics will guide you in the right direction:

  • User behavior: unique visitors, pages per session, bounce rate.
  • Engagement: likes, shares, comments, mentions.
  • SEO results: organic traffic, dwell time, backlinks.
  • Company revenue: number of leads, existing leads affected, conversion rate
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Credible Marketing Inbound for Customer Education

Inbound marketing is an investment, when done the right way produce fathomable results. We follow these primary three principles when it comes to inbound marketing

Create Content Early

Educational content is the strong foundation of your inbound marketing strategy. You need to produce and promote educational content consistently and as soon as possible for the sheer fact that 79 percent of modern buyers prefer to conduct their own research, like to answer their own questions, and believes in making the purchase decision entirely on their own.

Compounding Inbound

The more inbound marketing you do NOW, the more you will gain over time by compounding on your present efforts. For example, the team at Combat Contractor Marketing & Coaching has constantly educated our customers about Inbound Marketing through blogs, articles and case studies through the years have compounded and hold traction.

Focusing on the Future

By implementing inbound marketing tactics now, nurturing a discipline and ingraining this into each aspect of your contractor business early, you are improving your future. Short term marketing tactics such as advertising are comparatively easier, but they often limit your long term success. Inbound marketing tactics require discipline and consistency, but they will set your business up for long-term success.

When you decide to invest in inbound marketing strategy, you still have to start somewhere. Start Here! We will form a winning content marketing strategy with the all the crucial components of inbound marketing, empowering you to focus your business’s future.

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